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1. Metallic Textures

Shyny designs generally  called as Metallic textures, In metallic textures different designs are available Most of the designs are 1 Base coat and 1 Top coat designs available.

2. Non metallic textures

MATT finish designs called as Non metallic textures, Every design available in Both MATT and glossy finishes.

3. Interior Textures

All metallic and non metallic textures applicable for interior areas, There are different designs  in interior textures.

4. Exterior Textures

Generally rough textures uses for exterior purpose,  Different textures and different materials use for exterior purpose, Sand stone textures are trending now.

5. Stucco marbles

The quality and luxury interior design are stucco marble designs, There are different types of designs in stucco marble designs.

6. Brick textures

In Brick design 2 types of designs available one is soft surface design another one is embossed design, we can use these design for Both interior and exterior purposes.

7. Smooth surface textures

All smooth surface textures and stencils recommended for interior surfaces.

8. Rough surface textures

All Rough surface textures recommended for exterior purpose. As per customer intrest we can use rough textures in interior.

9. 3D painting

3D painting The paint looks in 3 Dimensions, recommended for children bedrooms and Living rooms.  

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